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PHARMACOINFORMATICS: Revolutionizing drug discovery research






Pharmacoinformatics  Portal!





Welcome to the Pharmacoinformatics portal.

This site was originally designed to provide some information regarding Pharmacoinformatics, one of the most important emerging disciplines in the new millennium. However, later I thought to add some general information regarding drug discovery as well. Without mentioning the drug discovery process, one may not understand the importance of this branch. I hope my endeavor will help some of you who are new to this term as well as who want to know more about it.

A list of books I found useful are given here. Hope you also will be enlightened with the vast information and knowledge contained in them.

Any suggestions and criticisms are gladly invited. Please mail me: kirubhai < at > yahoo < dot > com.



Drug Discovery

Total number of drugs discovered till now are in few thousands. But somewhat disappointing fact is that, we could successfully explored only about 500 targets till now. That means, these drugs act at only ~500 proteins whereas human body presumably have about 100,000 proteins! So how do we see the future? Just continue with the same was as it was before or try to get ahead with the new concepts and technologies?.....(see more)


Molecular Modeling and Drug Design

"Designing drugs?! I heard about designer cloths. But designer drugs?!....."

Can drugs be designed? many a people arise this question with a doubt in their face. My answer to this question is "Yes", provided.........(see more)


Bioinformatics Chemoinformatics

Insilico ADME/T

Pharmacy/Clinical/Medical/Bio-Medical informatics

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